Welcome men!

If you identify as a man, whether gay, bi, trans, queer or straight, and would like to drop into a safe and supportive space where men uplift, encourage and are affectionate and loving towards one another, and where you will learn how to be freer to express your eroticism and sexuality – come to the ManToManifestation Festival!

The goal of the ManToManifestation Festival is to inspire intimate and authentic connections between men and help create a more loving and supportive GBTQ community. 

This year’s event (March 2020), was dramatically affected by the coronavirus outbreak.

Due to the coronavirus escalation, the weekend event was limited to 1-day and the theme this year changed from Spirituality and Sexuality to Community and Connection.

All the workshops were changed to support more health-conscious interactions while still building community and connection.

In the end, it was a day shared by 30 beautiful men, and in the words of one of the facilitators, ” was a very healing experience for all the participants, to step out of the madness of panic for a moment and get centered into ourselves again, surrounded by warm and playful connections.

the 2020 team!

Although it was not a financial success, I personally got so much out of the experience, that I am planning on organizing it again next year (2021). Please make sure to join my mailing list and private Facebook group to follow the planning.

Join us next year (2021) for an awesome weekend of empowering workshops and heart-opening rituals!

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