Full WeekendSuper Early Bird (first 25 tickets) – SOLD OUT
Full WeekendRegular price € 215 *
Day TicketsTo purchase Day Tickets please contact ManToManifestation@gmail.com. Please include which day you are interested in attending (Saturday or Sunday). € 120

Eventbrite charges € 5.80 per ticket. *

It is expected that the event will be sold out, so no tickets are expected to be for sale at the venue. If you are low-income and would like to attend, please contact the organizer (Greg).

A maximum of 100 tickets for participants will be sold.

My intention is for each ticket bought, an eco-friendly investment of €20 per ticket will be made.

Please note that meals are not provided (the venue has no full kitchen).

Terms and Conditions

Participants are never required to touch or be touched by someone they don’t wish to share touch with or be touched in any way that is not of their choosing.

Everyone is expected to treat each other with respect and kindness. Anything other than that will not be tolerated and you may be asked to leave the venue without the ability to come back or to get a refund.

Wear comfortable clothes in which you can move freely and you may want to bring some dry clothes if you sweat a lot. You are expected to arrive at the venue showered and clean.

Own Risk and Liability

The participants will be responsible for their own boundaries and limitations, both physical and emotional. Our facilitators will always encourage you to stay within your boundaries.

Participating in the festival is entirely at risk for the customer. The festival accepts no liability what so ever for physical injury, loss or damage relating to a participant’s attending our festival.

The customer is obliged to inform the Workshop Facilitator before the workshop about his/her health and physical condition. The festival is not responsible for and can not be held liable for medical conditions and/or any other form of physical or mental harm of the customer before, during and after the festival. This applies as well for any damage to, loss of and/or theft of property of the customer.

Cancellations and refunds

Cancellations made more than 30 days in advance of the event will receive a full refund minus a €25 administration fee. Cancellations made 30 days or less before the event will be charged in full. In unavoidable circumstances, the organization may, at their own discretion, give a full refund (minus a €25 administration fee).