Festival Presenter & Workshop Facilitator

I delight in sharing transformational tools and practices for empowerment in the workshops, courses, classes and individual sessions I offer. In my work as sexual shamanic practitioner I facilitate your deepening of your connection to your body, your emotional and sexual expression, and support you to live in conscious relationship with yourself and others. I am also a yoga, meditation and AcroYoga teacher, shadow hunter, yoga therapist, masseur and facilitator of men’s events and trainings.  

I live and work in service of love, as sacred sexual priest of Rhiannon, Goddess of love. I bring great openness, light hearted playfulness, depth and powerfully supportive space holding to all I offer. I am a keen story teller, and use evocative narrative and mythological archetypes in my work to kindle your imagination as you craft your inner landscape, and forge a more empowered relationship with yourself. I offer a space for you to profoundly encounter yourself, and revel in the unique gift of your embodied presence in the world. I have been offering transformative individual sessions and workshops, courses & classes internationally since 2004.  

My work reflects my deep desire to live the return of humanity’s choosing of love as the foundation for society. I have a deep passion for movement, touch, ritual, mythology, sexual freedom, collaboration, community and embodying the flow of life!  I offer events and sessions in Amsterdam where I live, as well as in London & around the UK. I have also lived and worked in New Zealand, Guatemala, Indonesia and the U.S.A

email me: Sadhu@ExaltedHeart.com

He’s giving the following workshops at the festival: