A workshop or ritual in which you are invited to journey inward, to connect to your body, breath and Spirit. Through a guided meditation, specifically created for the Shamanic Eros workshop, you will explore your Spirit guides in the form of Totem animals. Each animal we share their teachings and healing qualities, their inspirations, sounds, touch and magic.

Introducing Tensegrity, aka the Magical passes, a Shamanic movement series from ancient Mexico with the Intent to enhance our awareness, to help us focus, and bring intention into our journey together.

During this workshop we open a Jungle, an enchanting forest where magic, intimacy, pleasure and healing take place. A playful game of healing touch, sound, smoke, herbs and flowers. A magical trip into a sacred, warm and intimate space in which you will be working with your heart, your intuition and your guides. During this workshop I invite you to explore and to enjoy your healing qualities, to give and to receive. You will experiment how to work with different herbs to help clean, relax or heal the energetic body, through the use of flowers touching the emotional body and with blessed waters playfully pleasure the physical body. 

We will stand together in this circle as healers, as brothers, as a tribe of Rainbow-warriors, honoring the Queer deity Oxumaré.


# This is a nudity positive Jungle, please bring a towel for the herb bath…

Given by Robert!