We are a small team of talented men working towards making a more loving community. We love what we do, and we do it with passion. We look forward to working with you!

Greg Coppoletta

Festival Organizer

“I am interested in helping and healing people, both physically and spiritually.”

Sadhu Valakhilyas

Festival Presenter & Workshop Facilitator

I delight in sharing transformational tools and practices for empowerment in the workshops, courses, classes and individual sessions I offer. In my work as sexual shamanic practitioner I facilitate your deepening of your connection to your body, your emotional and sexual expression, and support you to live in conscious relationship with yourself and others. I am also a yoga, meditation and AcroYoga teacher, shadow hunter, yoga therapist, masseur and facilitator of men’s events and trainings.  

Love Dragon

Workshop Facilitator

Imagined in the mind of the Beast King and brought to life by a juicy kiss, Love Dragon is a queer researcher of human connections. Regardless of the subject he enjoys teaching people ways of how to gently meet each other with respect and fun.

Love Dragon

JoJo Bear

Workshop Facilitator

JoJo Bear is a Somatic Sex & Intimacy Coach. JoJo uses many different modalities in his Somatic Sex & Intimacy Coaching practice to help people explore their relationship to pleasure, whether it be through hypnosis, touch, eye gazing, tantra, movement or stillness. 

His passion is to help people achieve their own erotic mastery with clear communication, consent, and embodiment!

Mark Bouzida

Music Master & Ritual Accompanist

Mark first discovered Kirtan whilst traveling in India. It had an immediate and powerful effect and after returning to London, he was inspired to train with Nikki Slade in Kirtan Leadership. Mark has led Kirtan at The Southbank and leads Kirtan regularly at yoga studios across London and day urban retreats.

Kirtan is the yoga of sound, a beautiful and high energy experience of chanting mantra as a group to connect our voices to our inner states of bliss, joy, and oneness. It is a celebration of ourselves, our voices and our hearts.

‘I know that sound can bring us into a place of deep inner peace. Through Kirtan, we come together, connect to our hearts and bring together mind, body, and soul, leaving us uplifted and in joy.’

You can contact Mark via Facebook @ Mark Bouzida

Robert Van Ravens

Workshop Facilitator

Robert is a massage and touch therapist with a background in yoga, dance, and theatre. He has been involved since 1997 in ritualistic work with Ayahuasca.

Tijs Breuer

Workshop Facilitator

Tijs Breuer is a masseur, life coach, and bodyworker. As a masseur, Tijs is classically trained, but he also works with various modern massage forms and techniques, including Esalen, Tantra, Alchemy of Touch and Myofascial Energetic Release. His most important starting point is presence, peace, and attention. His passion is to support you in discovering yourself through healing presence and touch.


Workshop Facilitator

Tantrika, bodyworker, masseur, shamanic practitioner and energetic healer.

Educated in Kaula tantra, Core shamanism, loomi loomi massage and self-taught in energetic healing and Tarot.

Asim facilitates tantra kriya yoga sessions, workshops and ceremonies in a blend of tantra, yoga and shamanism.