For the launch of this first festival, we are sourcing in workshop facilitators we know and have worked with before. We have confidence that our final team will be highly skilled and really good at holding space and making you feel welcome and safe.

What is the essence of the workshops that will be given?

They will either support men to come into a deeper connection with their sexuality or it’s about intimacy and relating and how we relate to one another as human beings. For example, a straight yoga workshop would not really fit, although it could be stretched to that with themes – because it’s a lot about self connection. The essence of these workshops are about men relating to other men, not so much about people on their own yoga mat not communicating with anybody for the whole two hours of the workshop.

Elements of the workshop we are looking for are the practices about men relating to each other and exercises where they get to practice different ways of relating to each other. Are they erotic, are they sensual, are they about men dropping into more awareness of their sexuality and embodying more of their erotic energy? So it isn’t, for example, a writing workshop where you might find out how to express yourself through words more. You might find that workshop at other festivals. Or it’s a singing workshop, to find your voice. Even though these things, yes, they bring us into deeper intimacy with ourselves – they are not specifically in the conscious relating intimacy field – which is where I want our workshops to go.

What does the weekend look like energetically?

The first level of workshop (Saturday morning) will be the most entry level workshops and will progress throughout the day. So the third round of workshops on the Saturday – they will be the biggest intensity workshops. Sunday morning also big intensity. Sunday afternoon will be more integrating workshops. This is the kind of arch of the festival. 

So we have 5 rounds. Round 1 is about grounding, centering and arriving. Round 2 is deepening. Round 3 and Round 4 are kind of deeper dive workshops – the big experience workshops. Round 5 is the integration of the experience workshops.

Workshop Schedule

Via this site’s Workshop menu, you will find the details of each of the planned workshops.